Case Study: Esplanade Gardens

Jeanette Washington, property manager for Esplanade Gardens, runs a tight ship. Between meeting the expectations of 12 board members, fulfilling the needs of more than 5,000 residents, and overseeing a team that takes care of everything from locks to laundry services, Jeanette is always focused on streamlining operations.

An essential part of keeping Jeanette’s sanity is knowing that even the most ordinary resident services are taken care of. That includes making sure the people who call Esplanade Gardens home have access to convenient, hassle-free laundry.

Coinmach, the largest laundry equipment service provider in the United States, helps Jeanette breathe easy. When Jeanette and the property’s management team recently decided the community’s laundry services were due for an update, they called Coinmach. The company had worked with Esplanade Gardens to service the outdated room previously, so Jeanette knew she could trust their expert team to create a new laundry solution that helps avoid the disruption and cost of constant repairs, while keeping residents happy. “When we took over the service for this location, there were a lot of issues getting parts for the older machines, but we basically had our techs there every day fixing machines until we got the new equipment ordered,” said Sam Karpuzi, the Coinmach Sales Representative who oversaw their laundry transition.

” … Coinmach has afforded me peace of mind.”
        – Jeanette Washington, Esplanade Gardens

Since partnering with Coinmach, Jeanette and her team have had their expectations surpassed. They rarely hear complaints anymore, and when they do, they can use Coinmach’s online tools to identify the problem and call a service technician to quickly fix it. Coinmach also offers a mobile application that shows residents which machines are available and when their laundry cycle is complete, eliminating the need to wait in the laundry room – another convenience that residents appreciate.

“We are a 24/7 operation that needs to accommodate thousands of people, so making residents’ lives even the slightest bit easier is a huge win for us,” said Jeanette. “Coinmach has also afforded me peace of mind so I can focus on other aspects of my job. The ease of use and impeccable service that Coinmach offers are major advantages for our community.”

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