Case Study: LeHavre

For LeHavre Owners Corp. Manager Margaret Costello, ensuring the residents of her Queens-based co-op are receiving the best care when it comes to all of the community’s services is of utmost importance.

In addition to assisting her nearly 4,000 residents with any issues, large or small, Ms. Costello also has her hands full handling any number of on-site needs at the waterfront community—including speaking with attorneys, maintenance, engineers, landscapers, and security. Unpredictable and fast-paced are perfect descriptions of daily life for this Community Manager.

In order to continue to provide her residents with the quality of life they desire, she turns to industry partners and service providers that will give her the most convenience and ease-of-use possible. With CSC ServiceWorks, Ms. Costello knows her residents will experience the same level of service and value she offers them on a daily basis.

“…CSC ServiceWorks is the best… our relationship with them has always been great…”
– Margaret Costello, LeHavre

Altogether, LeHavre hosts 256 CSC ServiceWorks units, which are used frequently by residents throughout the day. “At LeHavre, we have eight laundry machines in every building. They are incredibly accessible throughout the property,” said Ms. Costello. “It’s this convenience that provides my residents with the best possible experience when it comes to doing their laundry,” she continued. In addition, LeHavre’s residents appreciate that they can easily pay for the service using a laundry card system, thanks to CSC ServiceWorks’ advanced digital laundry technology.

Ms. Costello’s community recently underwent a major upgrade, installing all new units throughout. With CSC ServiceWorks, the remodel was just as easy as she expected. “Our relationship with CSC ServiceWorks has always been great, and the upgrade to the machines has just made that relationship even stronger,” she said.

Ms. Costello also appreciates the great service she receives from the company’s support and maintenance teams. With their help addressing any issues as they arise, Ms. Costello and her team are free to focus on the multitude of other daily tasks that come their way. “CSC ServiceWorks takes the hard work out of our hands,” she commented. “We have a very good relationship with all of our vendor services, but CSC ServiceWorks is one of the best!”

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