Enhancing the Laundry Center Experience

Convenience is key for New York area residents. Daily life is busy and fast paced enough—having to take any extra time out of your day to handle a chore like laundry is an unwanted annoyance.

On-site laundry centers are great value-added amenities that provide ease of use and convenience your residents will truly appreciate. But beyond just providing an accessible place for residents to do their laundry, managers should look at the laundry facility as an opportunity to enhance the overall resident experience. After all, this is one amenity you definitely want your residents to take advantage of—as it has the added benefit of generating ancillary income for your community.

Here are a few simple tips to help you maximize profits and resident satisfaction:

  1. Your laundry center should reflect your residents.
    Your goal is to make your community the ideal place for your residents to do their laundry. The great news is, you know your residents better than anyone. Try to take their needs and lifestyle in mind when you determine which machines and decor they will benefit from the most. Something as simple as adding bright, fresh paint to the walls, supplying folding tables, or providing comfortable seating can make the laundry area more inviting and appealing.
  2. Keep it clean!
    No one wants to be in a dirty laundry area. To help keep it tidy, ensure regular cleanings and make sure someone walks through the laundry center at least once a day to check its overall condition. Make sure to provide ample lined trash receptacles, and encourage resident participation in keeping things clean. Installing sufficient lighting can also add to the overall appearance of your laundry facility.
  3. Digital laundry technology brings greater ease-of-use.
    There is a wide range of technology offerings now available that can help make your on-site laundry center even more convenient and appealing. Helpful features like rechargeable laundry cards and flexible payment options can encourage more laundry center usage. Take advantage of online tools and you’ll find easier reporting options for managers, as well as remote monitoring technology for residents. For example, our VirtualView system is your portal to real-time collection history, commission payments, and service call requests. These advances were specifically developed to add value to your laundry service.
  4. Report issues at the first sign of trouble.
    As issues arise, call for a service technician as soon as possible. You can also encourage your residents to report issues as soon as they recognize that a machine is not operating properly. In fact, with the new CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App, you and your residents can submit instant service requests straight from your phone. Just scan the barcode on the machine and submit—it’s that easy.

In the end, it’s important to remember that your laundry center is here to help make laundry less of a chore for your residents. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help improve your residents’ overall experience with their laundry center or service.

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