The Route Laundry Story

Coinmach’s successful growth over the past 65 years has been accomplished through a combination of superior service offerings and strategic acquisition of high-quality companies that deliver valued products and services that make daily life easier. To deliver on that promise, in the New York area we have recently added substantial digital technology expertise and experience with the addition of NY operators such as SDi and Mac-Gray. Together, we offer over 150 years of knowledge in the laundry industry and a shared commitment to the overall customer experience in the New York region.

These additions to the Coinmach family were made possible when Pamplona Capital Management, a London-based private equity firm with offices in New York City, became the primary equity partner and owner of Coinmach Services Corp in 2013. Concurrently, CSC ServiceWorks was developed as the over-arching company that ties all CSC brands together under one umbrella. Maintenance and installation for all New York area customers is performed by a workforce of well-trained, local CSC ServiceWorks certified technicians – the largest of any in the country.

CSC ServiceWorks believes a larger organization allows us to provide a wider array of services and more depth of offerings.  We have attracted high-quality, committed professionals and have invested in their training, development and growth.  A broad, well-trained organization means all of our clients will benefit from an even stronger commitment to quality and service.

With over one million machines in service and a workforce of over 3,000 dedicated employees nationwide, CSC ServiceWorks and each sales brand work in unison with the goal of improving the resident laundry experience while increasing the profitability of laundry centers for multifamily communities in New York and nationwide.

NY Metro Contact
Phone: (844) 492-7469
Service Request - If you have a maintenance issue or problem with your equipment.
Refund Request - If you lost money in a machine either coin or card operated.
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