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We all eat, we all sleep, and we all get dirty clothes. C’est la vie. For residents of your community, having an on-site laundry facility certainly makes life easier.  But that doesn’t change the fact that everyday life can be rough on our clothes.

Here are some tips and tricks you can pass along to your residents to help keep their clothes alive a little longer while making the most out of your laundry facility:

  1. Check the seat before you sit. Might seem silly, but this can save your behind (literally) from picking up unwanted stains as you move from bench to train to chair. Should your residents bring home something extra on the back of their jeans, provide information in your laundry center on the best methods for fighting common stains, so they can give it a shot prior to washing.
  2. Use chalk to erase grease stains. We all know eating on the run can get messy. When that glob of melted cheddar drips off your sandwich and down the front of your shirt, blotting chalk on the stain helps absorb the grease. Leave a few sticks in the laundry room and make sure your residents know to wipe off the chalk and repeat as needed before washing. Trust us; it’ll help keep the stain from setting.
  3. Hang up those clothes ASAP. We get it. Space is limited, and you want to make the most of what you’ve got. But your mom was right; hanging clothes up as they come straight out of the dryer does prevent crumples. Providing a space in your laundry center for residents to hang clothes while they fold is an easy addition that saves time and wrinkles.
  4. Pay attention to your detergent. Extra detergent acts like glue to dirt and can make clothes dirtier, faster. Encourage residents to follow the recommendations in your laundry center or on the detergent bottle to assure they use the right amount of detergent in every load.
  5. Get a smart card. If your community doesn’t already offer laundry smart cards, it’s time to get on it! Your residents are already lugging loads of laundry, who wants to add a pocketful of quarters to the mix? Smart cards and other card payment systems take some weight off for your residents and help make the most of their laundry center experience.
  6. Sometimes “dry clean only” really does mean dry clean only. Carrying clothes to the cleaners, waiting in line, paying, and returning to pick them up can be a pain. But most of the time, it’s worth it.  Trying to wash dry clean only clothes in a washer could give your residents a ruined shirt—and a bad taste for your laundry facility.  Provide some good references of local cleaners they can trust, and you’ll stay on top.
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