Serving New Destiny Housing

To those facing domestic abuse, one of the hardest parts of leaving the situation is finding where to go. Coinmach is honored to serve New Destiny Housing, an organization committed to helping domestic abuse survivors and their families find safe housing.

In New York, finding affordable living is a struggle. The record number of over 60,000 mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters living on the city’s streets right now can tell you that. Currently, there are more homeless on the streets of New York than there have been since the Great Depression.

Many of these people are sleeping on the streets as the aftermath of domestic violence. Summoning the strength to leave a violent partner or household is only the beginning of the battle. After leaving for their own protection, and many times the protection of their children, caregivers don’t have many options for shelter.

Each year, New Destiny Housing helps over 2,400 NYC families who’ve survived domestic violence. Through permanent housing options, resources, and support, these families are able to break the cycle of abuse and have a second chance at life.

CSC ServiceWorks is remarkably proud to be associated with this amazing program and be a part of giving hope to victims by providing New Destiny Housing with laundry solutions. Through financial support, housing resources, and education, New Destiny Housing makes an astounding impact on one of the most at-risk populations. Knowing that victims can use Coinmach’s on-site machines in the safety of secure housing is a privilege and a wonderful feeling.

To learn more about New Destiny Housing and how you can help domestic abuse survivors find a safe home in NYC, visit the organization’s website: www.newdestinyhousing.org.

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