The Evolution of Digital Laundry

CSC ServiceWorks’ role in the evolution of digital laundry began more than 80 years ago, when Mac-Gray was founded and began building their reputation as a leader in laundry efficiency and technology. Coinmach also started as a single laundry facility along the Long Island Sound, quickly growing to represent the image of advanced, dependable, and innovative laundry services. Not long after, the family-owned company SDI emerged, proving once again the importance of commitment to community and service, in addition to providing turnkey commercial laundry solutions.   All together, CSC ServiceWorks has more than 200 years of combined experience in offering expert laundry solutions for the multifamily industry.

In that same amount of time, laundry equipment has also evolved to meet the growing and evolving needs of the multifamily industry. Today, we proudly offer some of the most energy-efficient, technologically advanced options available in the market—delivering hassle-free convenience for managers and residents alike.

Our advanced digital laundry offerings include:

•  Our new CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App makes it easier than ever to send instant service requests straight from a phone.
•  We’re also revolutionizing how payments are collected and processed with Change Point, our advanced system that offers “central payment” or “pay-at-the-machine” availability.
•  Our advanced online monitoring and reporting technology lets managers track laundry revenue remotely, while residents can check machine availability and get real-time status updates.

At CSC ServiceWorks, we are committed more than ever to combining the expertise and technology offerings of Coinmach, Mac-Gray and SDi in order to provide our customers with better laundry experiences than ever before.   Please let us know how we can better serve you.

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